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Who are we as Poi Doctor?

The name Poi Doctor says it all: we are the doctors of Poi and Flow-arts tools! With Poi Doctor we want to spread our love for flow-arts throughout the world, we mainly work for the fun and pleasure of poi and doing what a person does best.

"Joy to the world, Poi to the world!"

We, at Poi Doctor, are a group of fanatics, we do not only sell poi but we also build poi, fix broken poi, improve poi or any other flow-arts tools. So you can enjoy your tool longer than usual and don't have to buy a new one once in a while. If you have ideas to build or improve a flow-art tool let us know! We would like to help you in the building process.

How can we provide you the best service? With offering you "customized" request service!

You can make requests for customized flow-art tools, which have your favorite preferences. You can do this in the checkout page under "Review order" or send us an email with your special request. After we received the request we will keep in contact with you and make the request according to your wishes.

Our Mission & Vision

We want people to get acquainted with and be inspired by the world of flow-arts. We want to give our customers a good example of what you can achieve with your flow-art tool. People familiar with flow-art and newcomers in this playground.

Our vision is to give people as much pleasure as possible in playing their flow-art tools. We want it to be in your possession for a long time, so you get more acquainted with the tool. For example you can replace the Kevlar on your fire poi yearly instead of buying a whole new set.

'Many people see and feel it as a kind of meditation. Open your mind and see what is beyond!'

Once you start playing with one of the many flow-art tools, you notice that a new area in your mind will open up. This allows you to connect with your inner self and it leads to total control over your body movements. Body and soul are at peace.

If you want to meet us in person, please check our Facebook page or website for upcoming events and workshops. Facebook page: Poi Doctor.

We are excited to meet all of you lovely people!

A little bit about the history of Poi:

Poi were created in the 15th century when the Maori made carrier sacks out of flax (a kiizak) for carrying a moa-egg. During the years they put stones in it instead, to train for battle by swinging them round. It became an important ritual as well, they performed a dance with the “Poi”, during the ritual it is very important to swing with the “Poi”. When the moa-bird became extinct, they didn't need the carrier sacks for eggs any more, because no other bird lays such big eggs, but they were still used for practice. They started to make the sacks and ropes longer, and put balls in the carrier sacks. During the centuries the "Poi" evolved to the revolutionary Poi products and tools that we have nowadays. So individuals like us can get inspired by poi!

Nowadays “Poi” is indispensable for many cultures and subcultures, with whom we live on this planet. But years pass by and with new modern technologies the poi evolved to all kinds of poi and especially the LED poi! For the ultimate challenge and magnificent performance there is the Monkey fist fire poi for the advanced poi spinners.

Find yourself trough the flow!


To all of you, from all of us at Poi Doctor - Thank you so much for the support and happy shopping! :D

Gert-Jan Rebel
Cora de Koning

Some important individuals ^^


Contact & Location

Whatsapp: +031-(0)6-14897717

Region: Amsterdam
The Netherlands