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Sock poi

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Sock Poi Purple


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Quick Overview

Cone sock poi pair, including end weights.
Choose from different vibrant colours. These sock poi are shaped like a cone and made out of non-stretch cotton fabric.

You'll get

  • 2x Cone sock poi

    • - Made from: Non-stretch fabric

  • 2x 125g End weights


Sock poi is the favorite form of poi for beginners as well as for advanced poi spinners. Sock poi are inexpensive, don't hurt as much as other poi and the visual effect you want to create is still there! The difference between non-stretch fabric poi and stretch fabric poi is: stretch poi is harder to control your tricks with, especially for beginners. Those are some reasons why sock poi are very popular and a good option for beginner spinners.

Choose the colour you like and start spinning with these non-stretch cotton fabric cone poi!

Available colours: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow.

If you have a request for 2 different colours (for instance one purple and one green sock poi), let us know by filling in the order review in the Checkout-page.

Your benefits

  • Our handmade sockpoi have a improved handle so they don't wear out so fast.
  • Integral fabric handle means no metal hurty bits, really comfortable to use.
  • Velcro secured compartment easily allows balls/weights to be added to suit your preferences.
  • Sock poi are great for moves such as hyper loops, air wraps, stalls, contact and wibbling.

Tech Specs

  • 63,5cm
  • Non-stretch cotton fabric.
  • Cord section width 2,22 cm
  • Weight when empty: 30g
  • Filled with end weight: 155g


Contact & Location

Whatsapp: +031-(0)6-14897717

Region: Amsterdam
The Netherlands