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Awesome flowtoys products

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  1. podpoi™


    We are honored to present the next level in poi evolution: podpoi™. With many feature modes, functions and micro-USB charge-port. Podpoi™ are an evolution of our commitment to spread the beauty and joy of movement and light. You...
    Out of stock
  2. flowtoys - flowleash plus

    flowtoys - flowleash plus

    The flowleash plus has all the amazing features of the original flowleash with the added bonus of buttery-smooth and durable solid stainless steel swivels. Truly solid stainless steel swivels are hard to find. Extensive testing has shown that most sup...
  3. Flowmass

    Flowmass pair


    Want your tools to feel a bit heavier? With the flowmass you can adjust any flow-tool to your preferred weight. Sold as pair, note not lubricated!

    You'll get

    • 2 x Flowmass
  4. Warranty capsule light v2

    flowtoys - capsule v2 warranty (50%)

    In cooperation with Flowtoys™, we offer you the same warranty replacement service for the capsule lights 2.0. Send us your defective capsule lights 2.0 and we handle the rest with Flowtoys™! Once we received your defective capsule lights 2.0 we w...
  5. Capsule light v 2.0

    flowtoys - capsule light v2

    In cooperation with Flowtoys we present to you the new capsule v2 with many more amazing features than before. They will help you to shine brighter and illuminate the sky while spinning. No other lights have so much goodness, high tech features, m...
  6. Capsule shell

    flowtoys - capsule shell

    Lost one of your capsule light shells? Don't worry we have replacement capsule light shells in stock! Comes standard with 1 O-ring and optional C-ring. This product does not include the circuit board or battery, so no light, only the shell! ...
  7. Capsule link

    flowtoys - capsule link


    This is a component to connect 2 capsules together, with the capsule buttons facing outwards. Ideal to use in a flow-tube. Sold individually with spare capsule o-ring.

    You'll get

    • 1x Capsule link
    • 1x O-ring
  8. Single podpoi®

    Single podpoi®

    Single podpoi®, for when you lost one or want to have one extra on hand. You'll get 1x Single podpoi® - Poi shell with 4 bright LED's - Flowleash - Swivel...
  9. flowchucks™ - 4 capsules

    flowtoys - flowchucks: 4-capsule v2

    Nunchakus come originally from the far East, where they are used as martial arts weapons. Our friends at Flowtoys got inspired by the endless techniques of the nunchakus and transformed the nunchaku into flowchucks. These flow-art chucks are great...
  10. Flowwand™

    flowtoys - flow-wand®

    From: €30.00
    The original levitation stick designed by our Flowtoys friends, specifically for flowing and dancing art (rather than magic). Comes with a swivelled finger loop, so you never have to worry about your string twisting up - necessary for double wand play and ...

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