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flowtoys - capsule v2 warranty (50%)

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Warranty capsule light v2


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Quick Overview

In cooperation with Flowtoys™, we offer you the same warranty replacement service for the capsule lights 2.0.

Send us your defective capsule lights 2.0 and we handle the rest with Flowtoys™! Once we received your defective capsule lights 2.0 we will send you new lights.

You’ll get

  • New capsule light 2.0


In cooperation with Flowtoys™, we offer you their warranty service for the capsule lights!
But instead you send your defective capsule lights to us.

In return, you have the same warranty replacement service, but it is 4 times cheaper and it is 5 times faster in Europe!

We updated the price and our warranty, we replace your defective capsule light 2.0 for €45 + the shipping costs. After Flowtoys confirmed that your capsule light 2.0 falls under 100% warranty, then we credit €35 (50% of the new product costs) to your bank account. We do this because we want to make it easier for you, without paying extra after Flowtoys confirmed your light is not under 100% warranty.

For a 100% warranty (€10 + ship.) replacement service, your capsule light 2.0 is defective:

  • But not physically damaged
  • And has a young battery ( up to 2 years )

However, physically damaged capsule lights V2 fall under the 50% warranty service, which is €45 + shipping costs. The warranty applies to every capsule light V2 older than 2 years.

For a 50% warranty replacement service, your capsule light V2 is defective and physically damaged.
Water damage and 2+ year old battery problems are considered as physical damage.

Capsule battery lifespan: The capsules are warrantied against defects and damage, however all batteries have a lifespan. The warranty we offer does not cover expendables. The batteries should provide a good charge for 2+ years before they lose capacity. Many factors can affect their lifespan, for example, heat, cold, charge frequency and depth of discharge. Since 2015 Flowtoys provided the batteries with the date of manufacture on the bottom of the battery. Example of date: 2016-05.

When buying this product we check what category it belongs to and can credit your warranty request to 50%, after official confirmation of the factory. You will be spinning happily soon after delivering the light to us.

With defective we mean that the capsule light V2 is not working properly and / or has charging problems.

Breakdown of the prices:

  • 100% Warranty = €10 admin fee + shipping costs.
  • 50% Warranty = €10 admin fee + €35 (50% new capsule light) + shipping costs.


Contact & Location

Whatsapp: +031-(0)6-14897717

Region: Amsterdam
The Netherlands