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flowtoys - crystal poi FS lite

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crystal poi FS™


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Quick Overview

We are honored to present to you the original Crystal poi™ from Flowtoys.
Instead of a capsule light you get beautiful
flowlight - full spectrum's (FS) in protective crystal cases.
These covers are designed for glowstickers, "stringers"
and poi spinners who enjoy lightweight gear.

You'll get:

  • 2x Crystal poi, each consisting of:

    • - 1x Protective crystal cases

    • - 1x Crystal case O-rings

    • - 1x Flowlights - Full Spectrum's (FS)

    • - 1x Flowleashes with swivelled handles

  • 2x Rechargeable batteries

  • 1x 2-bay Charger


With these Crystal cases you protect the flowlight from impacts and provide padding for body wraps. Crystal cases diffuse light and make it appear even brighter. The button lines up with the facets in the crystal which enables you to feel it in the dark. Activate and change the modes of your flowlights without taking them out of the cases.

Sold as a pair.

The flowlight - full spectrum is a modular, interchangeable and versatile LED glowstick with many beautiful adjustable modes and colors, kinetic awareness, battery level indicator, and more. This is the world's first LED glowstick that contains so much intelligence and beautiful modes.

Each flowlight runs on 1 AAA at full brightness throughout battery life. Use only rechargeable batteries or high-quality alkaline. Cheap alkaline will cause your light to last only a few minutes and turn off on impact. This rig comes with batteries and charger.

Your benefits:

  • Many beautiful adjustable modes and colors.
  • Cases protect the flowlights.
  • Flowlights are durable.
  • Flowtoys lifetime warranty.

Tech Specs

Size crystal case: +/- 16,40 cm
Weight single crystal poi head with flowlight: 65 g
Weight single crystal poi head with flowlight and mass: 95 g
Weight single crystal poi with light and double mass: 125 g


Contact & Location

Whatsapp: +031-(0)6-14897717

Region: Amsterdam
The Netherlands