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flowtoys - knob-leash

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flowtoys - knob-leash


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Quick Overview

The amazing knobleash - a high quality knob handle and leash system developed for optimum poi-formance.

If you are getting leashes for podpoi or capsule poi, please select the appropriate leash type. These leashes will have a washer attached. If you are using for crystal poi, the washer will not be appropriate.


Knob handles enable you to do tosses and quickly switch to one-handed moves.

Easy to adjust and find the perfect leash length for you, while keeping the leash streamlined and free of obstructions - great for wraps, and other moves that find themselves catching or tangling amidst hardware and knots.


Contact & Location

Whatsapp: +031-(0)6-14897717

Region: Amsterdam
The Netherlands