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flowtoys - flowchucks: 4-capsule v2

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flowchucks™ - 4 capsules


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Quick Overview

Nunchakus come originally from the far East, where they are used as martial arts weapons. Our friends at Flowtoys got inspired by the endless
techniques of the nunchakus and transformed the nunchaku into flowchucks.
These flow-art chucks are great for practise, freestyle and performance.
This is a toy, not a weapon!

You'll get

  • 1x Flowchuck

    • - 4x Capsule lights v2.0

    • - 2x 2FX poly-carbonate tubes

    • - 2x Silicone flowcaps

    • - Secure screw-in cord connector with adjustable cord.

    • - 4x screws

  • 4x Micro-USB charging cables


The flowchuck is a playful and light in weight toy version of the traditional nunchakus. This flow-art tool is made with a strong connector, bulletproof poly-carbonate tubes, and attached to the tubes are silicone flowcap as endcaps.

The tubes include 4 capsule lights, these capsules are the same as in the universally loved podpoi™. They provide you with many beautiful multicoloured patterns with infinite adjustability, kinetic awareness, all-night run-time and are micro USB-rechargeable.

Keep in mind that these are not the traditional nunchukas, which are used as weapons. This is a object manipulation toy to practise your tricks with and is not used as a weapon!

Your benefits

  • Combine material arts with flow-arts.
  • Many full coloured patterns with vibrant modes.
  • infinite adjust-ability.
  • USB-rechargeable.
  • Life time warranty.

Tech Specs

  • Capsule light: 9,5 cm
  • 2FX tubes: 29,80 cm
  • Flowcaps: 5 cm
  • Each handle: 31 cm
  • Total length: +/- 70 cm
  • 2FX tube: Poly-carbonate.
  • Flowcaps: Silicone.
  • Screw-in cord: Phatty cord.
  • Adjustable cord: Phatty cord
  • Cord-connector: Poly-carbonate.
Total weight: 428 g
Battery: 3.5-4.2v, 750mAh rechargeable Li-ion micro-USB: Maximum power draw of 500ma


Contact & Location

Whatsapp: +031-(0)6-14897717

Region: Amsterdam
The Netherlands