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PixelWhip - Fiberflies

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PixelWhip - Fiberflies


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Quick Overview

Fiberflies PixelWhip 4rev is an amazing product with beautiful
colour modes to light up your mood. It's like star dust, pixie dust,
it is like a unicorn mane with epic colour channels.

Sold individually.

You’ll get

  • 1x PixelWhip 4rev

  • 1x 18650 Li-ion battery installed

  • 1x Micro-USB cable

  • 1x USB charger

  • 1x foam rubber grip to add padding and non-slip hold

  • 2x instruction manuals

  • 1x transportation bag


The PixelWhip 4rev is a super fun toy to dance and move with, that makes it such a hot product. Produced by our friends at Fiberflies and contains the latest in fiber-optic dance whip technology. PixelWhips come with 40 beautiful modes of many colours, specially designed to match all your costumes, every night at any event.

  • Style 1 - Single Colours: 1 colour per mode ranging the full ROYGBIV spectrum
  • Style 2 - Colour Wipes: 2 colour spectrum wipes, including a Watermelon (pink&green) & Rainbow
  • Style 3 - Triple Colours: 3 colours per pattern in a variety of beautiful complimentary combinations
  • Style 4 - Pulsing Swatches: All new patterns with up to 6 colours per pattern in unique & gorgeous configurations such as Twilight & Raspberry Lime Sherbert

Note: Avoid contact with face and eyes. This product is not intended for use by children age 14 and under.

Your benefits

  • Smooth swivel: design allows full 360 degree motion, creating swirling helixes of pure magic!
  • 4 styles with 40 beautiful colour modes
  • Screw-off fiber head for easy replacement
  • Single button operation - long press to turn on, short presses to cycle thru all colour modes seamlessly, long press to turn off
  • Remembers which mode you were last on
  • Comes with USB rechargeable battery

Tech Specs

Fiber strand length:
  • The overall length of the strand is circa 185 cm, the strands contain many different lengths, they vary from 30 cm till 185 cm.
Battery life:
  • The PixelWhips run on a single 18650 Li-ion battery and are USB rechargeable from any power source. If the battery runs out, the PixelWhip will blink red 3 times to indicate low power before it turns itself off.
Weight 288 g


Contact & Location

Whatsapp: +031-(0)6-14897717

Region: Amsterdam
The Netherlands