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Contact poi

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Our hand made contact poi.

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Quick Overview

Brightly coloured handmade contact poi pair, explore while playing throughout the day.
Available in many vibrant colours, different ball sizes and lengths.

You'll get

  • 2x Handmade contact poi

    • - 1x High quality contact ball

    • - 1x Black thick ColeCord handle

    • - 1x No10. swivel

    • - 1x Black thick ColeCord string

    • - 1x Washers as weight

  • 8x Washer as extra weight


Brightly coloured handmade contact poi pair, to explore the magic of flow arts while playing throughout the day. Contact poi is perfect for isolations, throws and body-rolling tricks. It represents the latest innovation in poi.

Available colours: Blue, Green, Lime Green, Orange, Purple, Red and White.

Some react under UV-Black-light for example: Green, Purple and Orange.

The contact poi is inclusive a pair of grips, with these grips you get extra weights to tweak the handles to your liking. For 2 different colored grips you can leave a request in the Checkout page under "Order review".

You can choose from 3 different ball sizes. The ColeCord strings have standard lengths, the length of the contact poi is adjustable to maximum 60cm. The poi come with these long lengths, so you can easily adjust them to the preferred size. Or we can do this for you!

If you want a custom length for your contact poi then that won't be a problem! It either can be made longer, shorter or even factory fixed. In the Checkout page you can leave a request.

Your benefits

  • Perfectly round for body-rolling tricks.
  • Even wall thickness for balanced moves.
  • Precision molded with high gloss outer in vibrant colors.
  • Latex free, no latex is used to create ball.
  • Easy to clean, with warm soapy water.

Tech specs

Ball Sizes
  • 72mm
  • 80mm
  • 100mm
  • 50cm
  • 55cm
  • 60cm
Swivel No.10
  • Length: 44mm
  • Ring diameter: 13.8mm
  • Wire diameter of ring: 2mm
  • Black thick ColeCord string 8mm diameter
  • Silicone rubber 40mm knob
Weight contact ball
  • 72mm: 95g
  • 80mm: 124g
  • 100mm: 190g
Total Weight (incl.8 extra washers)
  • 72mm: 351g
  • 80mm: 380g
  • 100mm: 446g


Contact & Location

Whatsapp: +031-(0)6-14897717

Region: Amsterdam
The Netherlands