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LED contact poi - Umoja spheres™

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LED contact poi - Umoja spheres™


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Quick Overview

With combined forces this LED contact poi was created.
With the ultimate capsule lights and the Umoja spheres™ you will be able
to practise even at night. It provides you the same vibrant colours as
the lights in podpoi.

You'll get

  • 2x LED contact poi

    • - 1x 90mm Umoja spheres

    • - 1x Capsule lights

    • - 1x Flowleashes with swivelled handles

  • 2x Charging cables


This contact poi is made with the most adjustable poi heads at the moment.
The Umoja spheres™ have translucent colours which diffuse the light from the capsule lights, which give a beautiful glow.

Available colours: Black, Blue, Green, Ivory, Orange, Purple, Yellow and White.

Your benefits

  • The most adjustable contact poi heads on the planet.
  • Umoja Spheres last so much longer.
  • Made from NON-TOXIC, USA produced vinyl plastic.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • Full colour with many vibrant modes to choose from.
  • Lifetime warranty for the capsule lights.

Tech Specs

Total length:
  • Max. +/-: 80 cm
  • Min. +/-: 50 cm
  • The size is adjustable to your personal liking!
  • Umoja sphere: 9 cm
  • Capsule light: 9,5 cm
  • Flowleash: 60 cm ( max. )
  • Floops: 13 cm
  • Umoja sphere: Non-toxic, USA produced vinyl plastic.
  • Flowleash: Made out of flowcord.
Weight 90 mm Umoja sphere™:
  • Empty: 120 g
  • With capsule light w/o c-ring: 148 g
Total weight LED contact poi:
  • Single LED contact poi: 165 g
  • Pair LED contact poi: 330 g


Contact & Location

Whatsapp: +031-(0)6-14897717

Region: Amsterdam
The Netherlands